• Leadership Program

  • Character Counts Program

    All elementary schools in Scott County participate in this
    program. Each month one of the six pillars: Trustworthiness, Respect,
    Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship, are part of the focus
    for all students. This program is supported by the Scott County Prosecutor’s Office, Jason Mount.

  • Leadership Academy

    This program is designed to assist in the development of leaders in our community.

    W.K. Kellogg stated, “The purpose of leadership is to create a supportive environment where all people can thrive, and grow and live in peace with one another, thereby providing sustainability for future generations.  It is therefore our desire that once you complete the leadership academy you
    will become actively involved in improving our community.”

    2013 Academy

    The 2013 Leadership Academy has just completed.  Participants were: 

    Michael Everett, Kaelin Stumler, Charlotte Boswell, Natalie Grever, Hyeree Ellis, Caleb Satterly, Georganna Elliott, Anthony Hunger, Michelle Shelton, Amanda Davidson, Rhonda Ritchison, Matt Feathers, Nichole Henson, Sean Eversole, and Holli Reynolds

    The class is collecting canned goods and cash for a collective community project at the Austin vs. Scottsburg basketball games with all the proceeds going to the Clearinghouse.


    Identify, educate, and encourage emerging leaders in the

    Develop and encourage a potential for understanding and acceptance of civic responsibilities.

    Inform the participants of both the problems and opportunities within the community.

    Create a non-partisan forum where existing and emerging community leaders can meet and share their views with the leadership participants.

    Encourage the creating, gathering, assessing and distributing of information valuable to the development of the community.

    Identify critical public issues and take action where appropriate.

    Form an Alumni Association, thus enhancing and creating systems of communication between present and past Leadership participants.

    Who Should Attend the Academy?

    All management level positions
    Front line supervisors
    Not-for-profit directors and board members
    Organization officers and board members
    Organization volunteers
    Community activists
    City and County government officials

  • Junior Achievement Biz Camp

    Biz Camp

    Biz Camp is a 7,000 square foot metropolis made available by
    Papa John’s, Stock Yard’s Bank, UPS, WDRB-TV, and other businesses. JA Biz Town
    Camp gives kids the opportunity to experience what it is like to run a business
    and participate in mach campaign elections.

    Dollar and Sense Program

    The Greater Scott County Chamber of Commerce and Scott County Community Foundation joined with Scottsburg Middle School facilities in preparing a special economic program called Dollars and Sense. This is for eighth grade students to explore personal finance, how to create a business, and what is economics.

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