Austin Tri-Hawk

Responsibility: Strategic

Responsible for evaluating existing processes and configuring manufacturing system to reduce cost, improve sustainability and develop best practices within the production process.

Support (ATA) efforts to promote Corporate Social Responsibility, (CSR) and ensure activities are carried out in cooperation with G-TEKT CSR, and Corporate Governance initiatives and activities to ensure compliance in functional areas of responsibility. Support the Corporate Governance Policy of Austin Tri-Hawk Automotive and the Objectives of:

Meeting challenges of changed legal and business environment.

Enhancing the trust of ATA among customers, associates, and society.

Implementing activities to improve ATA business operations using a strategy of Steady Compliance.


Perform work in congruence with company policies and area-specific procedures for safely and productively manufacturing high quality automotive structural parts to meet established productivity goals.

Accountable to

Area Coordinator &Team Leader


Stable Employment History;
Technical Aptitude=Education, Training &/or Experience matching Company needs;
 Positive background and references;
Ability to work in an international, culturally diverse work environment;
Willingness to Learn;

Basic Skills

Demonstrate basic skills for manufacturing competence


  • Compare part with quality check point, Kanban tag, and barcode.


  • Accurately complete production form by documenting part disposition in each production code.


  • Compare part accuracy by measuring part on check fixture, verifying part characteristics.


  • Compare quality of part to visual controls, Master sample and Check fixture.


  • Ensure parts are produced in schedule quantity by counting and tracking number of parts produced.  Use production quantity and amount of time to produce parts, to calculate production efficiency.


  • Ensure personal safety by complying with all safety procedures.
  • Model appropriate associate conduct and work ethic.
  • Observe others’ professional and personal strengths.
  • Foster positive company spirit and team relations.


  • Follow coordinator’s directives and accept team leader’s direction.
  • Produce quality parts in sufficient quantities to supply customer requirements.
  • Accurately complete production documentation.
  • Follow company procedures and manufacturing processes.
  • Support IATF-16949 requirements.
  • Complete assigned tasks in a timely, efficient manner.
  • Consider cost-effective use of time, materials and resources.


  • Advance professional technical knowledge and competency through work effort.
  • Develop skills for personal and company benefit.
  • Participate in team productivity.
  • Participate in Continuous Improvement process ensuring that the products and process are continually upgraded.
  • Assist communication of shop floor leadership directives within area.
  • Ensure product quality through manufacturing process and disciplined adherence to procedure.
  • Other duties assigned by Team Leader & Area Coordinator.

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