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Contracted Staff Attorney as assigned to represent CASA of Scott County, INC. staff and/or volunteers’ in select CHINS/TPR cases:
• Aid the office/staff/volunteer in court proceedings as assigned.
• Assist in court prep for difficult cases as assigned.
• Ensure that review and permanency hearings are held in accordance with the law.
• Seek cooperative solutions by acting as a facilitator among parties.
• Make necessary time commitments to complete case obligations.
• Maintain accurate and updated contact logs in Optima that will be reviewed and approved by management on a regular basis.
• Consult with management or assigned staff regarding case progress as needed, but at a minimum of once per month.
• Maintain complete records about the case, including appointments, interviews, and information gathered about the child and life circumstances.
• Keep all client and court information confidential. The cases should only be discussed in settings that provide for confidentiality and only with authorized individuals. This includes returning case files to the CASA office after the case is closed.
• Collaboratively and professionally work with other professionals involved in the case.
• Review records and reports and provide “need-to-know” information.

Contracted Staff Attorney may be assigned to specific cases on occasion as the CASA on the case and will be required to complete visits with the child and court reports.

Please submit resume to
CASA of Scott County, INC.
Attn: Kelly Shelhamer
36 Forrest Ave.
Scottsburg, IN. 47170

Or Email:

Contracted Staff Attorney as assigned to represent CASA of Scott County, INC. st…

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