Our second story in our “Where are they now” Wednesday series features Hunter Steinkamp, who graduated from Scottsburg High School in 2013.

Hunter joined the Scott County YGC in 2007 as a 7th grade student at Scottsburg Middle School. YGC had originally formed in 2001 and was in existence for a couple years but in a much different format than it is now. Founding members were tasked with making all the decisions on how YGC would operate.

Q. What are some of your earliest memories of building the group from the beginning?
Hunter: “Those were excellent memories! I learned a lot about building and working in a charitable body, and at that age, the YGC was my only experience working on this type of body. I remember a lot of by-law writing, promoting to the community to say who we were (we were a new group that people just didn’t know at the time, so we had a lot of promoting to do), and figuring out our grantmaking process.”

Q. What did you enjoy most about your YGC service? Please share some of your favorite memories.
Hunter: “Understanding the needs of the community provided some insights that I didn’t necessarily have at the time. It was really eye-opening to review grants and learn just how much need was out there, and how a body like this could be of service. I also enjoyed the process of making these decisions in a collaborative, team atmosphere.”

Q. In your application to become a YGC member, we asked you to talk about issues that are important to youth. You shared: “Good morale, fun activities, nice surroundings, and good community.” Do you think these issues still hold true to youth today?
Hunter: “I think those things still hold very true, and I would elaborate on my thoughts to add ‘more access to outdoor recreation, and knowledge of situations/cultures outside out their own.’”

Q. What skills did you learn that you use as an adult today?
Hunter: “First and foremost, the ability to look at a community outside of the needs that apply just to my own situation is a skill I absolutely still use today. I was in a meeting recently where I thought back to and shared the definition of philanthropy that Jaime gave us multiple times over the years: “The giving of time, talent, and treasure.” I also learned a lot about using the resources of a group/board, and that everyone can be part of making a difference.”

Q. Tell us about life after high school.
Hunter: “Life after high school has been a real adventure! I got a business degree from IU/Ivy Tech, and traveled extensively while building a career in ski area management. I currently reside in Traverse City, Michigan where I am employed by Crystal Mountain as a sales manager, and still find the time to coach/instruct skiing after work.”

Q. How did you continue your service to your community after YGC?
Hunter: “Currently, I serve on the board of directors of the Professional Ski Instructors of America – Central Division Education Foundation (which works to promote growth in skiing, largely by providing grants to the underserved and minority communities), and on the volunteer committee for Traverse City Young Professionals.”

Q. Can you share any advice to current youth?
Hunter: “Get involved in things that make a difference – because you can. And of course, the development you will get for yourself along the way is invaluable. Find the things about which you are passionate about improving/helping and make it happen.”

Q. Is there anything else you want to share?
Hunter: “I am very thankful for my years on the YGC, and still like hearing about all of the excellent things that the YGC and the SCCF are involved in even though I am no longer in the community.”
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Our second story in our “Where are they now” Wednesday series features…

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